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This blog is totally inspired by a conversation I had with my dad. We were having an enlightening discussion about life, perception, how people viewed each other and more importantly how they viewed themselves.

My dad is a handsome man, with a resplendant smile, strong stature and filled with an abundance of knowledge. He is polite, mild mannered and a gentleman. He always tells me how beautiful I am and how gorgeous my mother is and how strikingly gorgeous my grandmother was. He dotes over the complexion of my skin. Dark, smooth and rich as he describes it. The perfect complexion. I have always appreciated that my dad celebrated our blackness as the world we live in doesn't always do so.

Growing up I would hear people say that dark skin was not in or most recently in a toxic work environment that I was in - that I dress well for a black woman. When you live and are immersed in a society that wants you to believe that you are not beautiful just the way you are regardless of your race or ethnicity, it can become very easy for one's confidence in who they are to chip away slowly. I find this happens with women. We buy makeup to enhance our looks, go through augmenting procedures to keep up with the Kardashians - yet we do not seem to celebrate the naturalness of the beauty, inner and outer that has made us all unique.

This conversation with my father inspired my latest post which made me take a good look at myself in my natural state:

I wish more women would look at themselves in the mirror and recognize how naturally beautiful they are 🙏🏾. Curls, curves and credentials. It's true about what they say regarding the glow. It's different when you're happy, when you are making connections that push you to be your best.

You glow radiantly, when you nourish your mind, body and soul with positivity. When you are wherever you are doing as @kevinhart4real said, "dope ish" your glow is beaming. Beaming brightly through the most obscure circumstances, shining in the face of adversity to show you that you have purpose. .

Know that, you were not put on this earth to compete with anyone. You were not given all that talent you hide just to conform to be mediocre. You were not put in the position you are, despite how tough or hurtful to be docile. You were born to win Baby! You were born to shine. And you were born to celebrate you! Cheers to all my queens making an impact on this world, doing what they love and being naturally beautiful, inside and out ✌🏾




Tag a friend/sister who needs a reminder of just how beautiful they are 💋




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