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We were in the loop for our first Wes Hype production.

Our crew made our way out to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to witness one of the most talked about events in Toronto.

The world cup of comedy, social network tour gathered some of social media’s most notorious comedians from Africa to the West Indies to compete for the Juice Cup.

Under one roof, both sides went toe to toe for the trophy. Headliners enthralled the audience with jokes relating to the motherland and the Caribbean diaspora.

Representing team Africa was Coach Femi Lawson, Kevin Jay, Iamdulo and Eddy King.

Team West Indies stood strong with none other than: Haitian V, Jean Paul and the infamous White Yardie, coached by the one and only Majah Hype who is known for his wealth of personas.

These touring comedians from New York, Toronto, Washington and the UK amused the crowd with their comical renditions of local artists, celebrities and everyday experiences that the audience could relate to. They had some of us laughing until we cried literally.

With their eye on the prize team West Indies was victorious over Africa, winning by a landslide.

A job well done by Mr. Wes Hype who also celebrated his birthday on show day.

Stay tuned for our next venture In the Loop.

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