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What a great weekend it was! I’m super excited to share my weekend recap with you.

We got to keep in the loop with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Known around the globe as the world’s most famous basketball team, we experienced the thrill of one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Families and youths from all over the GTA poured in to the Hershey Centre to witness the excitement.

The Globetrotters enthralled the crowd with their presence by engaging the crowd through comedy, skill and some of the best music I’ve heard at any sporting event.

Children danced on the court with the players. They were drawn from their seats to participate in the live game action

This fun, filled family event was one not to be missed for the residents of the city of Mississauga.

Parents were overjoyed to see the game as well, reflecting back to when the Globetrotters would attend their schools as youths. They were proud to have the opportunity to share their favorite pastime with their children.

Watching the show/game and feeling like a part of the team was the biggest thrill for me. As the players invited us to sit court side on their bench on the sidelines and cheer on as they worked to defeat the Harlem All Stars.

Kudos to Sweet J, former WNBA player, Nigerian National Team player and the 12th female of the Harlem Globetrotters. Her skills and presence in the arena inspired young girls and women to dream big and pursue anything that their hearts desired. She inspired the women and men in the arena too with the phenomenal story she shared about her life.

Standing at seven feet and four inches tall, Stretch wowed the crowd with his versatility, speed and gentleness. While I was tweeting the game action on my phone Stretch took it from me and captured this great photo proving that the people with the longer arms truly take the best selfies.

There were so many great moments that transpired during this auspicious event. I wish I could share them all with you however; I can’t give it all away.

You can keep in the loop as this segment will air on Rogers TV soon. You can relive some of our favorite game time moments here.

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