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My favorite “F” word is “Faith”. With faith I have learned that this is such a wonderful time to be alive not just because the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship but because there are so many opportunities to turn bold dreams into reality. I have always thought success, in my personal and professional endeavors. I may not have always been the best at everything I put my hand to; however, with faith and self belief that I was better than I was – eventually I became really really good at whatever it was I did. With no formal training at first, I started a business for myself and my legacy that would connect people from all walks of life. Imagine, with faith I have accomplished, producing and hosting my own television show, landing interviews with some of the most respected dignitaries in the world, Grammy award winning artists, athletes and even came face to face with the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. I believed that this was something I could accomplish by thinking bigger than the business itself. In one of my recent post I elaborated on what faith means to me. Check it out here below.

Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into. Someway, somehow, I have always kept faith in what I believe in, especially in believing in myself.

I have always had dreams that I have been able to turn into reality because of simply believing that I can do it. These positive vibrations have propelled me to levels that I use to day-dream about as a young girl. Now, I'm working in my field. I'm insanely busy going on bookings for shows between, home the US, commercial projects and of course my own personal curricular activities. I cannot complain because this is exactly what I prayed for.

Take a moment to say thank you for the small things in life because they amount to much more. Have faith in your desires, move in the direction of your dreams and remember not everyone will have the same vision as you or be happy for your progress. Sometimes in order to succeed, you've got to keep your plan close to your heart and take that big leap. Cheers to a healthy family, exceptional friendships, new connections, prosperous ventures and faith.

You can accomplish whatever your heart desires being that it is fair, truthful and beneficial to all concerned. If you apply a small dash of faith into your daily routines you will notice that you will always have an award winning recipe that never fails. With that said, I am so happy to share my latest commercial with you. I had the opportunity to play a lead role in the German food and beverage brand Knorr, as a mother and wife eagerly preparing a wholesome meal with my family. The message in the commercial was more than just the product, it totally aligned with the vision I have for my own family, which is spending quality time together, even in the kitchen.

How are you exercising faith in your life?

Leave your questions and comments below? Let’s #keepintheloop

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