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Together we can achieve more when we work together towards building for balance. Happy International Women’s Month to all! It is a great time to be a woman because there are tremendous opportunities for us all to work towards creating balance in every aspect of our lives.

I was grateful to get to host the red carpet for the 2019 International Women’s Achiever’s Awards. This annual event, highlights the achievements of women from all walks of life, in the areas of business, politics, philanthropy, leadership, art, media, philanthropy and more. As a past recipient of the award, I was delighted to connect with so many powerful women. Powerful women, whom exemplified what it means to fix the crown of another queen, by encouraging her, mentoring her and uplifting her to fulfill the dreams and pursue the endless possibilities available.

The Honourable Patrick Brown, Mayor of the City of Brampton, graced the red carpet and was pleasantly involved in the celebration. In our brief conversation on the red carpet, I made it a point to let him know that it was refreshing to see him genuinely involved in the community and there to make positive changes. The city of Brampton needed inclusiveness, sincerity and fervor to support the diversity of the community. Among some of our political dignitaries, international and legendary folks came out to participate in this auspicious occasion.

These are the clips that I am so happy to share with you. As a woman, it is not always easy when so much is expected of us; however, with belief self, self love, respect and some righteous, like minded women who can empower you into your becoming – there is no way you can fail.

How are you fixing another queen’s crown? What do you think this world needs in order to provide balance for better?

Leave your questions and comments below? Let’s #keepintheloop

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