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At the beginning of the basketball season, I told my bff that I wanted to attend a parade. With a serious tone in her voice on the phone-line she asked me what kind of parade. I had not thought that far ahead yet; however, my response to her was that it would be a sports related parade specifically for our city. I wanted our home team to celebrate the fruits of their labor. My bff said anything is possible my friend. The inside joke about this is that we like to say that we have premonitions about things that are bound to happen. Sometimes we’ll even bet on it. So said, so done.

After witnessing the intensity of the playoff games with the Raptors defeating the Bucks, it was inevitable that our home team was about to fulfill their destiny.

The Toronto Raptors advanced to the finals. Would they be able to pull it off! This was not a question, it was more of a doubtful statement from professional sports analysts all over the world, including ESPN’s one and only Stephen A. I guess even the pro’s can get it wrong eh Stephen A?

We connected with some of the greatest of all time during the final games of the Raptors vs the Warriors, we were blessed with the presence of the 44th POTUS – President of the United States, Barack Obama himself. That was truly the highlight for me.

The legendary “World Champion”, Mr. Lennox Lewis, one of my favorite players from when he played with the Boston Celtics, Mr. Kendrick Perkins – thank you for the smile my brotha, and the ever so kind and humble, Mr. Grant Hill.

Having the opportunity to witness the big WIN for not just our city but our country was one for the books. It goes to show, the energy you bring to the table, the words you speak, the thoughts you think along with the action poured into what you want can make any dream turn into fruition. Congratulations to our Toronto Raptors!

What did the Raptors win mean to you?

Leave your questions and comments below? Let’s #keepintheloop

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