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Hi there! You're officially In the Loop. We're sharing real stories with real people on compelling subjects that will captivate you.  Stay tuned to join the conversations that are capturing the nations’ attention. 

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Welcome to my channel. I’m a talk show host and television producer who aims to bridge the gaps between people regardless of where they’re from. No matter where we come from we all have things in common that we face. If you’re interested in remaining connected, so that you can keep in the loop with real conversations that will help you become your best self than start now by hitting the subscribe button. This vlog is all about connecting you to real life topics, which will help you, overcome adversity and handle life’s greatest challenges with grace. Today’s vlog is actually being done to warm you up and remind you of how important it is to try things that are out of your comfort zone. Summer’s not done yet however, temperatures in the GTA have plummeted rapidly. This summer I did something outside of the box. I played mas with one of the most renowned bandleaders in one of the biggest carnivals in the world. Caribana. The group I played with was Saldenah - in a section called Savage - The Awakening! Here are my tips for my carnival fanatics who are participating in carnivals all over the world. The next big one is the Miami Carnival, which is coming up in October. Stay tuned and keep in the loop with my tips on what you need to experience the best of carnival.

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