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#KeepIntheLoop with Tanisha James-Williams! Creative mind, philanthropist and stylist known in Toronto as TJW Style Consultant.

Mrs. James-Williams works to create timeless looks for men and women through her talent and vision for fashion.

Seeking the perfect stylist for an event I was hosting, TJWStyleConsultant came up on my feed. Her work blew me away.

I contacted her and we connected immediately. She knew exactly what styles I adored and was willing to add some flare to pieces I already owned.

She sent me some of the most exquisite style swatches seen below.

The end result was sheer magnificence! I felt extra confident hosting the event in support of the MS Society. I felt beautiful and most importantly, I was comfortable because the piece she chose for me didn’t take away from my identity.

As a professional stylist Nisha is doing so much more than helping her clients become beautiful, she is bringing out the best in individuals.

TJWStyleConsultant puts her clients needs first. She is in enamoured with the work she does which awakens her creativity and passion for her love of fashion.

Ensure that you keep in the loop with Mrs. James-Williams after you’ve read her story.

We’re keeping you connected and #TJWStyleApproved.

Stay tuned and Happy Monday!

Name: Nisha, Tanisha James-Williams


Hashtag: #tjwapproved #StylebyTJW and TJWStyleApproved

Our readers want to keep in the loop with you. To get acquainted tell us who you are?

I am freelance stylist based out of Toronto, Canada. I style photo-shoots, video shoots and editorials and I can supplement the wardrobe one already has.

How long have you been operating your business?

It’s been three months now.

What is your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is keeping it simple for my clients. I don’t overthink fashion or style.

I believe my style and my innate ability to recreate what my clients envision for themselves allows me to create masterpieces for them.

Style doesn’t have to be complicated or match all the time. It should reflect the person wearing it.

Was there something or someone that inspired you to start your own business?

This is a moment of vulnerability for me.

Many different people who have encouraged me to start my own business as a stylist have approached me.

I’ve always had a passion for styling however, out of fear I didn’t. I was afraid of what people would say about me because I do not have a background in fashion. My educational background was in pre-law.

My husband birthed this. He has a friend who is an amazing stylist. One evening we went to dinner with this friend. They sat me down at the dinner table and told me that I would be doing this. There were no other options for me. They made me pursue my passion.

So far, I love it! So much joy comes out of styling for me.

Seeing the confidence that shows on a woman wearing something she never would have imagined herself putting on brings me so much joy.

What is your vision for your business and your clientele?

My notion is, I’m not here to makeover my clients. My job is to streamline and supplement what one already has.

Each of my clients has pieces in their closet that they like. This is why they purchased these articles of clothing.

Their clothes identify them. I help to bring the best out of my clients identities through the pieces they already own. I do this by supplementing pieces in their closets they bought and truly like, maintaining the style identity they already have.

What motivates you daily before you start your workdays?

My family motivates me.

My order is God, family and fashion.

God is the strength that holds me up. When I think of long-term goals for what I want to accomplish, my family is my backbone. For me, my family is like the connection between the head and the neck. The head is the powerhouse. You need it to function.

What is your definition of success?


Success cannot be quantified it is a feeling.

For me success is feeling content with yourself and being content with where you are in life whether it is finance, family or health.

Success is measured by how happy you are.

What makes you stand out from the rest?

I find especially on social media, most stylists focus on the big-ticket items.

My social media has items I can afford. The items on my stylist page house big-ticket items as well as items anyone can afford.

I am conscious of my clients’ budget and not breaking the bank.

You can come to me with a budget of $50 and I will make it work.

Fashion is not about pricey items. Expensive items can be purchased and still have a way of looking cheap.

It’s about my clients and what they can afford.

How do you balance your personal life with your professional life?

It’s tough sometimes. I work 40 hours a week; I’m a step mom, stylist and philanthropist.

Sometimes, I don’t know how it gets done. I do know that my family is my priority.

Being a wife and stepmom comes first. Family time is put before anything else. I keep myself organised by using a calendar. It helps me remain grounded.

Whether it’s games night or dinner, cleaning, I do it all for my family.

What do you do for self-care?

Keeping up with maintenance is important to me. I take care of me by taking days to relax.

Self-care is not necessarily tangible. It’s not just nails and hair. For me, it can be a quiet moment laying down and doing nothing else. Reading, listening to audibles while I drive to keep me grounded helps to feed my soul. Reading my bible is important to me.

Taking care of the heart, soul and if I can get into a spa every now and then when I feel like it.

Keep us In the Loop with the best advice that you’ve been given that you’d share with other entrepreneurs?

Keep going! Any entrepreneur you speak to will ever say that this road is easy.

There are so many hurdles and setbacks you will experience. Keep pushing.

No matter what the naysayers speak, keep pushing and pursuing your passion. If you’re not willing to take the journey with the bad you won’t experience the good.

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