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I’ve kicked off black history month by studying my own family tree.

I’m discovering remarkable stories of exceptional men and women in my family that have made significant positive impacts on history.

Not only do the men and women in my family have long life spans they have created exemplary legacies for us to follow. I must say we all have some big shoes to fill.

Today on this feel good Friday I’m keeping you in the loop by honoring my great grandfather Captain Hugh Mulzac.

Captain Hugh Nathaniel Mulzac

He overcame adversities and racial discrimination by becoming the first black sea captain, to obtain a ships masters license and the first black man to ever command a fully integrated vessel in the United States of America.

He insisted on having a diversified crew under his command. He led over 18,000 troops around the world, and additionally carried vital war supplies to the European front. He also fought for human rights that no one should be discriminated against because of their color, race, political creed or national origin.

Knowing that I have a high esteemed history shows me that I have the power to create the life that I desire.Remember that you do too. I am happy that my parents have shared stories like these with me and my siblings. These stories have been phenomenal teachings that have inspired me in many ways.

My message to you is that you have the ability to be anything that you want to in this world. Always be the best version of yourself and make sure you #keepintheloop

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