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In the Loop with Good Coffee

On this amazing journey In the Loop, it has been a privilege and distinct honor to meet people that I consider to be world changers.

I was fortunate enough to meet my good friend Justin and his lovely wife Natalie.

When we initially connected he had started a global empowerment organization called Souls of the Feet. He travelled to places like Burundi Africa to assist families in need.

Now he is on another global mission. He and his wife have set out to build the most impactful coffee company on the planet.

Through philanthropy this phenomenal team has created a dynamic brand called Good Coffee @goodcoffee

Who would have known that coffee could be life changing! Making friends in unexpected places such as Burundi Africa all the way to Paksong, Laos #keepintheloop with them as they’ve almost reached their kick-starter goal of $12, 000.

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