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Nina's special interests include: helping youth, women and other members of society become their best selves personally and professionally. Her vision is to bridge the gap between communities nationwide regardless of their age, race, gender or economic strata.


Known for her devotion to volunteerism in her community Nina has established herself as a notable public figure that cares about people and society. She brings that unique talent to In the Loop as it continues to break borders and blaze paths through the entertainment industry.


Her passion for corresponding developed at a young age. She participated in pageants where she excelled in public speaking and hosting. Nina was a runner up for two of the three pageants that she entered. In the Miss Commonwealth Pageant she was honoured to represent Trinidad and Tobago, her mother’s native land.


Nina can be found volunteering with various charities and hosting events. Her platform is to encourage youth to participate in charitable work and contribute positively to their communities through their talents.


For over a decade she has been a member of Rotary International, a global group compiled of over 1.2 million leaders who work together to create change and positively impact communities around the world. The mission of her club is dedicated to fostering healthy relationships and placing service above self regarding 

youth, families and education.


Nina's belief is that it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to make an ever-lasting impact on youth. She lives by her motto, "whatever you do, do it with love".

Her vision of In the Loop would not have been possible without the people and mentors that helped her along the way.


Her mission is to pay it forward by helping  people achieve their dreams and hearts desires.


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